Aug 3, 2010

Shindong Left Behind at a Restaurant?

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On a recent episode of MBC World Changing Quiz,’ Super Junior’s Yesung told a story which explained the consequences that come with being in a very large idol group.

When asked to recount an incident that happened because Super Junior is so large, Yesung said that he had a story to share that took place at after a performance.

After the performance,” Yesung began, “We were eating at a restaurant, and there were so many fans, so we left to go to our next destination. [Often, when this happens,] most of the fans run and chase after the car. At this time, we realized that among the group of fans chasing the car, there was a male fan with a strong-built figure who was at the front of the group, frantically chasing the car.”

He then went on to explain that “when [the Super Junior boys] looked closely, it was Shindong.” Kim Jiseon, who was also present at the studio, added mischievously, “If he kept chasing [you] all the way to Seoul, he would be able to lose weight,” which made many listeners laugh in amusement (and perhaps feel a little bad for the chubby idol, too?)

This episode aired on the 31st of July.

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