Aug 24, 2010

Seungri Gets Mad At His Seniors?

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Big Bang’s Seungri got angry with his seniors on the pilot episode of MBC’s new TV program, Enjoy Today. 
The group of seven MCs met in an awkward atmosphere as shown on the first episode of Enjoy Today. The first to arrive was Saori and he immediately expressed his anxiety and expectations in meeting Seungri and Seo Ji Seo since they haven’t met before.

Seungri arrived after Saori and as expected, the meeting was awkward. The two, however, came into the topic of ‘how to punish the latecomers’ and together with Seo Ji Seo and Kim Hyun-Chul, who arrived later, discussed on what will they do with the latecomers. The latecomers are the gang of actors – Jung Joon Ho, Kong Hyung Jin and Shin Hyun Joon. They all decided that one after another, they should mumble one line each expressing their discontent.

When the gang of actors arrived and they were completely clueless of what they’ll about to face. Seo Ji Seo came out to complain first, but it didn’t scare the gang of actors. Then Seungri stood out and shouted to his seniors, ’Being an actor does not mean you are the king!

Shin Hyun Joon  after finding out that he only has a four-year difference with Seungri’s father, said ‘If I had not been careful enough, I would have had a son now too!’ which made the set to erupt in laughter.

Throughout the show, the MCs made fun of each other and tried to come up with a title that will generalize the characteristics of one another. In the end, Shin Hyun Joon is ‘careless incident’, Kong Hyung Jin is ‘ YEAHS’, Seungri is ‘the burning youth’, Seo Ji Seo is ‘MUTE’ and Saori is ‘ Korea Dolphin’.

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