Apr 16, 2011

[Random Post] Annoying FRIENDS part 1 introduction

Posted by Nez

I'm not talking about annoying orange, but annoying FRIENDs!!!

YES! everyone must have at least one annoying friend., why?
how should i know.,
some of them just absolutely annoying!! 
some of these people actually wanna make a joke but ended up annoyed others.. haha

so, if u ever try to do any joke then make sure it will not hurt or annoy others okay?
wait, what exactly my point writing this post...

The POINT is, we didn't know what our friends think about us.
who knows that we actually also annoying to them.. huh... :0

okay my post begin to be really weird by now..
somehow i found a good book to deal with the annoying people~^^ yeay me!!
ahaha, good eh? don't ask me who the writer.. because i don't know either...

if u wonder what kind of person am i.. well...
i PROBABLY a little BIT.. annoying.. hee hee xP

some of my friends just hate my jokes and lies..
u know when u joking with your friends and telling them there's extra homeworks which is not true..
haha.. only me doing that?.... err....

yeah that's me =D kinda... hmm

hehe (try to count how much i wrote Annoying,annoyed..) ;)

Credits: Cyeri@ Copycatmemory

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